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Közös kezelés taskentben


    közös kezelés taskentben

    With a garden, the 3-star guest house has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom. The breakfast had an excellent variety of hot and cold food. It was more than we could eat.

    közös kezelés taskentben

    On the several days that we left too early to get breakfast at the hotelthe host provided us with a bag of food for the road. The host, his wife and several adult children also lived there. The children all spoke passable English, so we were able to communicate effectively.

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    The hotel staff went out of közös kezelés taskentben way to make us comfortable and welcome. Our room had a high ceiling and very nice chandelier. Air conditioning was available but not needed much as our stay was in the Fall.

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    The location was excellent. It is only a short walk to a közös kezelés taskentben on the excellent metro system.

    közös kezelés taskentben

    There were nearby shops and supermarkets. We will stay there again when we next travel to Uzbekistan.

    There is inlaid wood panelling everywhere including on a beautiful spiral staircase. The rooms all have polished hardwood floors, and private bathrooms with large bathtubs and showers.

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    Persian carpets are everywhere. Bővebben Rövidebben.

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