Friday, General news 20 questions, 1 player - Gasper Marguc This year Telekom Veszprém's roster consist lingonitis 20 players. In our new series we are going to ask the same 20 questions to each player.


We are moving up by the jersey number, our twelveth subject was Gasper Marguc. You can read the chat with him below.

What is your favorite food? I would say the classic pizza. What is your favorite lingonitis I really like lemonade. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. Like the sky.

What is your favorite lingonitis

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I do not have a favorite movie. I like to watch action and sci-fi movies. Lingonitis example, I loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I like lingonitis type of movies that lingonitis science fiction. My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. His movies are great. My favorite actress was Jessica Alba for lingonitis time but not so much for her films but her looks. Who is your favorite musician? I do not have a favorite one.

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lingonitis I love every kind lingonitis music. Not just from these days but also old classics. I like music that you can listen to any time you want and it does not matter how many times you have heard it already, it still sounds good.

What is your favorite song? I do not have a favorite one either.

fájó vénák és ízületek a térdízületi gyulladás nem megy el a kezelésből

I have a playlist that I listen to before a game, which has my favorite songs, but I do not have one favorite. What is your favorite book? I do lingonitis read too much. The last book I read was Game of Thrones after I started watching the series.


I did not finish all the books because there are a lot of them. I read the first one and I figured that I would rather watch the show. What is your favorite animal? As a pet, I like dogs.

Other than that, my favorite is lingonitis lion. It is a strong and beautiful animal. What are your habits before a game? On lingonitis days, I usually eat the same ízületi fájdalom fekélyes vastagbélgyulladással lingonitis after lunch, I always take a half hour nap. When I arrive to the Arena I also have lingonitis same routine.

lingonitis az oszteokondrozis kezelésére szolgáló kenőcsök neve

After the coach speaks, I always clean my shoes. No matter where we play, I always go the bathroom before we step on court.

I lingonitis my right shoe first and then my left one. Just these small things. What is your proudest moment in your career? One of the best moments was when Lingonitis could make a move to a team like Veszprém. lingonitis


We qualified for the Final4 three time on a row. Lingonitis the thing I am most proud of is when we won the bronze medal with the Slovenian national team in the World Championship in January.

Who is your role model? Now when I am older it is hard to say if I have a role model. What would you be lingonitis you were not a handball player?

The year-old won the presidency on his fourth attempt back in August lingonitis bold promises of changing a corrupt government and restoring the rule-of-law in city streets. His ceremony somewhat overshadowed by delays and protests against ex-President Jimmy Morales, who for four years dodged accusations of corruption. As Giammattei takes office, there are questions on what his lingonitis will mean to Guatemala in the short and long term as issues over the future of an asylum deal with the United States comes into focus. The agreement, which was highly opposed in Lingonitis, lets U. There is now increasing skepticism as  reports  say that the U.

Hard question. I would probably have finished school, a different school. I cannot imagine myself out of sport.

I would probably do another sport, or be involved in a lingonitis somehow. Other than handball, which sport do you like the most? In football, lingonitis favorite is Barcelona. I like tennis, watching and playing both. I like watching every kind of sport. I am an all-around sports fan. What do you like to do lingonitis your free time?

I hang out with my girlfriend, I hang out with lingonitis friends. I like to watch a good movie or go to a restaurant and eat good food. The other thing, that I do not like but I have to do, is I sometimes have to leave some free time for school.

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Which is the prettiest city you have ever been to? Certainly, Budapest lingonitis one of the prettiest cities.


lingonitis I like it a lot because it has everything. It is not too big. I was in New York over the summer with my girlfriend; we were fascinated by that city. What is your dream car?


I do not lingonitis a dream car right now. Maybe lingonitis the club would not give me a car I would buy one.

a csípőízület ízületi gyulladása és kezelése hogyan kell kezelni a lábujjak ízületeiben fellépő növekedéseket

But at the lingonitis I do not need to buy one so I am not thinking about it much. What do you fear the most?

Vendégházak kiemelt úti célokon

Maybe snakes. I know everybody says that but it is general. I think I would say failure. I fear that too. What is your motto? Always look on the bright side of life. Does not matter if things are bad or not you always have to see the bright side at the end. Are there lingonitis skills you wish you had learned?

I lingonitis that a lot of players said it already but I lingonitis it is a cool skill to have.

20 questions, 1 player - Gasper Marguc

I would like to learn how lingonitis play on an instrument. A guitar or an accordion. You are definitely liked in groups if you can play an instrument.